SUMMER : October - February

Warm to hot with high humidity. November and December are hot but the low winds at this time of year are usually perfect for reef trips and diving with excellent visibility.

SUMMER RAIN : February - April

These months do bring the most rain when you are likely to experience some heavy monsoonal downpours from time to time. These in themselves are a sight to see and an experience to enjoy but most of all they ensure that the rainforest and waterfalls are all at their best. Known as the Green Season – it won't take you long to realise why!

WINTER : April - September

A cooler temperature with less humidity makes this the peak time to visit Port Douglas. With very little rain and many blue sky days, the added bonus of the cooler night temperatures ensures ideal weather to enjoy any trips you choose. During school holidays Port Douglas is at its busiest – please ensure you book accommodation and even tours well in advance.

STINGER SEASON : November - May

As soon as the possible danger of marine stingers is evident the beaches will be closed for general swimming. This however does not put an end to all in water activities. Swimming at the beach is still possible thanks to the stinger nets that are located at the north end of Four Mile Beach. Your chance of encountering stingers on the reef are far less, however, full body lycra stinger suits are provided for you to wear to ensure you enjoy your snorkelling & diving safely.